Bank Foreclosure Listings Nationwide

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Bank foreclosure listings online is a new concept which has recently emerged on the web. Bank foreclosures refer to listings of homes or properties in which homeowners have failed to repay the loans they received from the bank when they purchased the property. Bank foreclosure listings are issued so that the bank can sell them in order to get back the loan amounts that they are due. The listings that are issued for such properties are less than their actual market prices in order to induce prospective buyers to make considerable profits from the purchases of these properties. Usually, bank foreclosure rates are 65% to 80% of the current market prices.

Latest Bank Foreclosures for Sale

JUNEAU Foreclosure
  • JUNEAU County - AK
  • Price: 205,000.00
  • BD/BH: 3 / 2
ANCHORAGE Foreclosure
  • ANCHORAGE County - AK
  • Price: 418,700.00
  • BD/BH: 3 / 2.5
ANACORTES Foreclosure
  • SKAGIT County - WA
  • Price: 572,400.00
  • BD/BH: 3 / 2
RENTON Foreclosure
  • KING County - WA
  • Price: 364,000.00
  • BD/BH: 3 / 1
BOTHELL Foreclosure
  • KING County - WA
  • Price: 873,000.00
  • BD/BH: 3 / 3
EUGENE Foreclosure
  • LANE County - OR
  • Price: 254,800.00
  • BD/BH: 4 / 2
About Us

Often the Bank Owned Homes are a very good investment opportunity. You can easily purchase a house at cheaper rates and then remodel it and sell it at a higher price to make a considerable profit. You can inspect the house easily before purchasing it. Even after the repair charges, these properties can yield you a lot of profit at resale. You can also rent such a property and then use the rent to pay off the mortgage. Even after the repairs you can easily make 50%profit on such properties. The value of the remodeled house amounts to 50-60%of the current market value of the house. Even if you are buying the house to reside in it yourself, then you are getting a home at much cheaper prices than the market rates. All you will have to do is to pay the mortgage but without any heavy payments.

Bank foreclosures are usually based on the pre-foreclosure listings, private and public auctions. There are three ways of buying such property:

  • Buying it from the owner before the foreclosure: You can get the house from the homeowner itself before it is foreclosed by bank. 
  • Buying it from the bank in a private and public auctions: It is the most expensive way to buy such properties because the prices at the bids tend to be far higher.
  • Buying it from the bank before an auction: The bank’s main purpose in such kinds of properties is to get back their loan amount.

Banks just want to get rid of such properties. For them, they are distressed or loss-making properties. So, the sooner you contact a bank before an auction, the more profit you can make out of such a property. You can get the bank foreclosure listings by getting in touch with a local real estate agent.

Most of the bank foreclosure listings are available online. There are many sites dedicated to this purpose nowadays. offers to you bank foreclosure listings for almost all US states. You can get bank foreclosure listings for properties in California, Florida, Texas, New York, and many more US States. Whether you are a real estate agent or a home-buyer this site provides you with ample investment opportunities. You can also get bank foreclosures by getting in touch with the bank foreclosure listing service.